Photos / Review : Sasquatch Music Festival 2017 – Day 3

Who: Sasquatch Music Festival Day 3 – Chance The Rapper, Kiiara, Boogie, White Lung, Joey Purp, Hoops

Where: The Gorge Amphitheater, George, Washington

When: May 28,2017

The final day of the festival was a lot more calm. Fans were noticeably more exhausted than the previous days probably due to the heat and all of the late night partying on top of camping! Yet fans still managed to save a bit of energy somehow.  Unfortunately we saw yet another cancellation on the last day from Catfish & The Bottlemen who had to cancel their performance due to an illness within the band. Performances we were able to catch on the third day include, Kiiara, Boogie, White Lung, Joey Purp, Hoops, and Chance The Rapper.

Kiiara:  Was more than 30 minutes late to her set. Supposedly because Chance The Rapper had just arrived and it got chaotic with all of his security blocking the way to the stage she was performing at. Once she started she put on a good set, a lot of people showed up to watch her set which surprised me. She also performed Linkin Park’s song Heavy which she is featured on which was pretty cool.

Boogie: Put on one of the best sets at Sasquatch. The rapper and the crowd was so wild that people just passing by decided to join in on all the fun, the size of the crowd was growing throughout the entire set. I thought it was really cool when the rapper brought up two fans to have a rap battle.

White Lung: Decided to check out this band because they are opening for Rise Against and Pierce The Veil this fall. The female fronted rock band did well, it will be interesting to see them play with those bands in the fall. I thought it was awesome when the singer decided she wouldn’t hide in the shade on stage and rough it out in the sun with the fans.

Joey Purp: Didn’t catch much of his set but the crowd was huge and “lit”. Thought it was weird that he didn’t come on stage a couple minutes after his dj started dj-ing. It actually took around 10-15 minutes until the rapper came on stage.

Hoops: Were really good live. I decided to check out a band I had never heard of on the lineup since Catfish & The Bottlemen had to cancel their performance and was really pleased that I came across this band. Check them out!

Chance The Rapper: As the indie rapper closed this year’s Sasquatch, the crowd packed the main stage. It felt as if everyone at the festival was in the crowd. The rapper was very thankful and appreciative of everyone showing up for his set and made sure the crowd knew.  He performed a variety of new and old songs that kept everyone happy and dancing. The set ended with lots of confetti.

Post and photos by Sarina Solem ( / @SarinaSolem

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