Interview: Speaking with the CEO of Vibendo


Concert Crap: What is Vibendo?

Drasko Stojanovic: Vibendo is a new music social network especially for the Balkan region. It combines the social aspect of sharing, liking, commenting, etc. with friends and artists but it also offers the opportunity to listen to unique Balkan music from different countries.

CC: Where did you get the idea for the website?

DS: It started with friends as a streaming only platform; after all left the not-founded company, I decided to make it on my own, but with a new approach. I want to connect the Balkan through this platform, first beginning with collaborations between the artists and later the fans. So with this thinking I added the social part to it.

CC: How user-friendly will the website be?

DS: It will be probably one of the most user-friendly sites because we had a very strong focus on this point. A lot of friends who had never heard anything about my idea could have a look during the wireframe phasing and told me it’s very easy to handle; they saw where they had to click to find what they wanted. I’m really excited what the early adopters will say, if they can confirm my statement here or not.

CC: Will it be available on mobile as well?

DS: Unfortunately not from the beginning, but it’s already planned for Android and iOS later this year/beginning next year.

CC: How does this differ from services such as Spotify?

DS: First of all, we are specialized in a niche music market and we bring more socializing to a music streaming platform. Users can interact in a more active way with each other and with artists. Most playlists will be created by the users; because of the fact that we want to give something back to the users, they have the possibility to earn money if they create awesome playlists which hits the top of the most streams playlists. But there will be a lot more features and releases which will come later this year and next year which will be very exciting.

CC: Will this be a paid service?

DS: Yes, there will be two pricing models, a premium one with a monthly subscription and a freemium one which is sponsored by advertising.

CC: Can people sign up for Vibendo now?

DS: Right now we are in the pre-register phase for the Beta phase. We plan to start in July a Beta phase to get feedback of early adopters and to test the platform due to the complexity. So yes and no, users can leave their email address to be informed when the countdown starts for the releasing of the beta phase.

CC: Vibendo is designed for Balkan music. Why should people sign up for Vibendo, especially if they’re not in the Balkan region?

DS: Due the fact that a lot of Balkan people emigrated to other countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and so on, we won’t be limited only to the Balkan for our user base. As well all this immigrants brought Balkan music to their direct environment. For example I was born in the Balkan, but grew up in Switzerland; some of my Swiss friends and friends from other countries are listening to Balkan music and they love it. For sure we can’t achieve users numbers like Spotify, but the Balkan market is a pretty big one and worthwhile.

CC: Where do you see Vibendo going in the future?

DS: Beside the goal to be the biggest music social network on the Balkan, I see Vibendo as a great opportunity to connect the Balkan together and to have more collaboration and acceptance of each other. These collaborations will bring new opportunities for all people and countries from the Balkan which helps the whole region to get back to the top.

CC: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about your website?

DS: I would be glad to hear what you think about it or if you have questions just hit me up by email or in all common social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

All questions answered by founder and CEO of Vibendo, Drasko Stojanovic.

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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