Album Review: Frank Shiner – “Lonely Town, Lonely Street”


Blue-eyed soul crooner Frank Shiner doesn’t do covers; he reinterprets songs. His latest album Lonely Town, Lonely Street is full of reimagined versions of songs that were originally sung by some of the best musicians to have ever existed.

The interesting part in this album is that Shiner didn’t go for the songs that everyone knows; he went for the underrated songs, the ones that have fallen by the wayside, but are no less beautiful than their more familiar counterparts. Take “Lonely Town, Lonely Street” for example, the title track of the album. The song first came about on Bill Wither’s 1972 album Still Bill. Bill Withers is not as well known for this song as he is for “Ain’t No Sunshine.” That doesn’t mean that “Lonely Town, Lonely Street” is not a great song; it’s just under appreciated. Shiner manages to reinvent the song to make it his own. It still has all of the meaning and soul of the original, but Shiner has definitely put his own unique twist to it and executed it well.

“Love is a Losing Game” is one of the most beautifully soulful songs that Amy Winehouse ever put out, but it was overshadowed by her more famous songs, such as “Back to Black” amongst others. Shiner brings this song back to the forefront, reminding us just how beautiful this song really is. His vocals are crisp and clean; the notes just flow smoothly out into the audience. His vocals are the focal point throughout the album, but the instrumentation is genius. Lonely Town, Lonely Street is a beautiful album that you’ll want to keep in your collection for years to come.

  1. How Can I be Sure
  2. I Love You More than You’ll Ever Know
  3. I will be There
  4. She’s Gone
  5. Guilty
  6. Rainy Night in Georgia
  7. Lonely Town, Lonely Street
  8. When Something is Wrong with My Baby
  9. Love is a Losing Game
  10. Drink You Away
  11. Shine on Through
  12. There is Always One More Time

Post by Karen Shalev

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