Album Review: Hollow – “Home isn’t Where the Heart is”

Hollow Art

Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is is not the metalcore album you’re expecting, but it’s about to be your new favorite.

Hollow is not a one-trick pony; this album has multiple elements of several different genres in it, ranging from metal to rock to prog and even more. Think of this album as a salad. The base of the salad is the lettuce, which is metalcore. The lettuce is then tossed with multiple other flavors. Each one is distinct and each one has its own flavor when you eat it separately; when you eat it all together, however, you get the yummiest salad you’ve had in a while – or one of the best metalcore releases of 2017 so far.

Pick a song at random and it’ll be a good one. “Too Far Gone” is a great song where you can really hear the dimensionality of this album. “Anomaly” is another amazing song. “Alpha/Omega” is just ridiculously good. All of the songs, from the first to the last on Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is, are well-rounded, multi-dimensional, and skillfully executed.

Hollow has put together a remarkable, top-notch album that is going to take them extremely far.

  1. Coward King
  2. The American Dream
  3. Dis/Connect
  4. Anomaly
  5. Too Far Gone
  6. Delta F508
  7. No Offense
  8. Tonguespeak
  9. The Wicked
  10. Alpha/Omega
  11. (Null)

Post by Karen Shalev

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