Album Review: Edge of Free – “Self Titled”


Edge of Free’s debut self-titled album is honest, raw, and beautifully executed. Scott Sneddon’s vocals dig deep into your soul, driving home guitarist John Hussey’s gripping music. Sneddon manages to reach each corner of his range throughout this album. He knows exactly how to draw in the listener and keep them hanging off each and every word that he sings. Hussey is an excellent guitar player, emoting what the song demands.

“Pony” is a standout song on this album. The lyrics are unflinchingly authentic and Hussey’s solo in this song is performed superbly. “Blood Eagle” is another top song from this album. What’s really interesting is the amount of different influences this group has in their music. This keeps the album prolific and the absolute opposite of boring.

Edge of Free, out now, is a highly recommended album.

  1. Blood Eagle
  2. Soul Of Your Grace
  3. Pony
  4. Higher
  5. In My Time (Falling)
  6. Autumn
  7. Edge of Free
  8. Pushin’ the Needle

Post by Karen Shalev

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