Song Review: Big Thief embraces the fantasy world in “Mythological Beauty”

Photo by Shervin Lainez

Brooklyn indie icons Big Thief crystalize the significance of storytelling with this music video for “Mythological Beauty,” the first track released off of their upcoming album Capacity. Big Thief bring us through a mystical journey across a snowy, mountainous landscape, where vocalist Adrianne Lenker and fellow bandmate Buck Meek are wanderers. Alongside the artfully simplistic cinematography and the band’s signature soft and melancholic sound, we are watching the tale of a parent-child relationship unfold.

Lenker simultaneously plays the role of the protector while living out the story of her own wounded past. The devout emotion in her eyes as she carries her weakened partner is brooding yet honest, contributing to the band’s reputation of being expressive and poetic in their music. Nearing the end of this fantasy-inspired tale, Lenker is surrounded by healers and observers (played by other Big Thief members and Lenker’s own mother) during a cryptic ceremonial. Through the end of the video, Lenker is found permeating through the division of the two worlds in an attempt to awaken her fallen ally, wandering inside a realm of one’s perpetual subconscious.

With Lenker’s hauntingly elegant voice acting as an omniscient figure throughout, Big Thief thread us delicately through a story of trauma and trust, ultimately mastering their lyrical narrative craft.

Watch the video for “Mythological Beauty” HERE. Big Thief’s upcoming album Capacity will be released on June 9th via Saddle Creek.

Post by Jordyn Beschel

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