Photos / Review: Magic Giant plays intimate show at the Bardot in Hollywood

Who: KCRW “School Night” event – Magic Giant, Pop Noir, Azul, Glades

Where: Bardot, Hollywood, California

When: May 22, 2017

Bardot in Hollywood turned an ordinary May 22 into an extraordinary one with a room filled with family, friends and music lovers alike who came to see the on the rise indie-folk band: Magic Giant.

Magic Giant performed at the intimate location for KCRW’s School Night event, alongside other artists and bands that did not go without notice. With its candle-lit rooms and close quarter stage, Bardot was the perfect fit for the Los Angeles native band as they shared the room with their family, friends and those who have just watched Magic Giant grow into what they are today. They played their hit song “Set on Fire” from their 2017 album In The Wind, as well as other dance-worthy songs that are sure to become a hit this upcoming year. They are a unique group of individuals that have changed the dynamics of a live performance to be more welcoming and dare I say, leave you feeling like you just became their friends.

The night opened up with an up and coming Aussie trio, Glades. Their recent song “Dangerous” got featured on Spotify’s “Pop Rising” playlist, and are a band to look out for. Catch their EP, This is What it’s Like on Spotify now and enjoy the soothing sound of their music.

Next to have performed was the awe-inspiring Los Angeles native Azul. She grabbed the audience’s attention without hesitation in her head-to-toe red wardrobe and two back up singers dressed in all black — but once she started singing, she captivated them with her soulful, R&B inspired vocals. Her performance was nothing short of amazing.

Indie, electronic duo, Pop Noir got everyone dancing with their fancy footwork and 80’s inspiring sound before Magic Giant took the stage. Regardless of technical difficulties, they burned through each song with great enthusiasm while stepping off the stage every once in a while to dance side by side with audience members.

Each performance complimented each other in a way that the night became pure magic. This KCRW free event is something to keep in mind the next time you do not have anything to do on a Monday night.

Post and photos by Victoria Kernen

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