Interview: Dragonforce talks new album “Reaching Into Infinity,” touring, and more

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Concert Crap: You guys released your new album Reaching Into Infinity on May 19 via Metal Blade Records. How did this album come about?

Frederic Leclercq: We wanted to do the same as we did for our previous album, Maximum Overload, and write everything together, Sam (Totman) and I. He came to my place in Charleville Mezieres, but ended up working on his songs in a different room while I was piling up more and more ideas, and so the album contains two songs of Sam’s, one we wrote together, and eight songs I wrote. Then we recorded drums, rhythm guitars, and bass in Sweden, and the rest in different studios all over the world while touring for our Best of Killer Elite.

CC: How does the sound on this album differ from your other albums?

FL: Well I guess because I wrote most of the material this time,  and I don’t listen to a lot of power metal. So it’s still Dragonforce because we have our sound, our personalities, but there’s less power and more metal, maybe, haha something like that.

CC: What was the writing process like? Were you locked in a dark room or did you see the sun?

FL: Locked in a dark room haha! Its cliché perhaps, but I need to be in a dark room. Sam likes to have a “pleasant” room to feel the inspiration (which he didn’t get – maybe that’s why he only wrote two songs, who knows.. haha) but I need darkness, and I usually prefer to write and record ideas at night.

CC: Where did the name of this album, Reaching Into Infinity, come from?

FL: Marc (Hudson) came up with it. We think the world today isn’t a great place to be and people need escapism. Music is a form of escapism, and its power is infinite.

CC: Out of all of Dragonforce’s albums, is this your favorite? Why or why not?

FL: I guess yes. I put a lot of myself in it so obviously I’m very attached to it. I think we evolved a lot these last two albums and I’m very happy with the new direction. I believe the rest of the band feels the same.

CC: You guys are heading out this summer on tour to promote the album. What’s your favorite and least favorite part of touring?

FL: Favorite part is to meet our fans, and to play on stage and see the reaction of the crowd. Also going places far away that you don’t get to see often, like Australia, or Japan which is my favorite country in the world, and enjoying their culture. Least favorite part is no privacy/not a lot of alone time, which I need. Being away from home and from the ones you love, not being able to cool, that’s all I can think about for now.

CC: In 10 words or less, why should the person reading this care about your album?

FL: Because this is a honest, fun and intense metal album. 10 words, yeah!!

All questions answered by Frederic Leclercq.

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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