Album Review: Kaleido – “Experience”

Kaleido - Experience Cover 1600 x 1600

There’s a hole in your music library right now, even if you think there isn’t. That’s because that spot belongs exclusively to Kaleido and their debut album Experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fan of rock, because this album has elements of pop, metal, country, and even reggaeton and Latin music in it. Everything meshes together really well and blends into this sound that’s not only extremely pleasing, but unforgettable.

This is the perfect album for you to blast in your car with all of your friends with the windows down. The great thing about this album is that the songs are all extremely relatable; they’re all about experiences that everyone has had in their life. “Blue Collar Delight,” “On One,” and “Love and War” are some of the best songs on the album.

Every song has its own personality, but they all work together. There are faster, more upbeat songs, such as “No More Little Miss Nice Bitch,” to songs that are slower like “All Together.” There’s something for every mood you’re in. Kaleido has blasted themselves firmly onto the scene with Experience, and don’t expect them to go away anytime soon. Actually, start learning the words to their songs now, because you’ll be seeing them around for a very long time.

  1. Intro
  2. Blue Collar Delight
  3. No More Little Miss Nice Bitch
  4. I
  5. On One
  6. Die Tryin’
  7. II
  8. Trouble In Paradise
  9. III
  10. Balcony
  11. Love & War
  12. All Together
  13. The End

Post by Karen Shalev

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