Album Review: Below – “Upon a Pale Horse”

Below - Upon a Pale Horse

Doom metallers Below released their sophomore album Upon A Pale Horse May 19. If doom metal usually isn’t your thing, check out this album anyway. The music is exemplary, with sweeping guitars, strong bass, and robust drums. The vocals are intense and very compelling, with the range going from super low to remarkably high and back. This album features shorter songs, such as “The Plague Within” with a run time of one minute and two seconds, to longer songs, all the way to the title track “Upon A Pale Horse,” clocking in at more than nine minutes.

The entire album feels cohesive throughout because every single song has a unique sound to it that can only be described as Below’s signature; when you listen to the album, you’ll be able to hear exactly what that sound is. “The Coven” and “1000 Broken Bones” are two great songs to start with on this album if you just want to dip your toe into the music before committing to it fully. Upon A Pale Horse is an album that fans of all genres should have in their music library.

  1. The Plague Within
  2. Disappearing into Nothing
  3. The Coven
  4. Upon a Pale Horse
  5. Suffer in Silence
  6. Hours of Darkness
  7. 1000 Broken Bones
  8. We Are All Slaves

Post by Karen Shalev

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