Interview: Who is REMARK?


Concert Crap: You guys released your debut album last year. How was the response?

Yanas: Reviews of the first album were positive in 90 percent of cases. I was very proud and satisfied at the time the album was released. Over the time, I see some flaws and mistakes. But this is the meaning of creation. Never stop and keep on moving.

CC: You’re gearing up towards releasing your second album soon. How did you prepare for it? What kind of sound can we expect?

Y: The new EP will have more elaborate arrangements, a more bold sound. We had a good experiment with drums. We’ve been working on this songs for a long time. We are perfectionists, and we can not do something bad or not as we like. But on the other hand, it takes more time to create new songs. I think with the release of the second album listeners more fully and clearly immerse themselves in the sound of REMARK.

CC: What’s your favorite and least favorite part of releasing an album?

Y: I really love inspiration. I like to create something new. Therefore, the part of writing the new material for me is the most pleasant. But I hate writing vocals in the studio. I spend a long time looking for the style and emotion. I often get others out of my behavior, but in the end we get a great result.

CC: Where can fans check you guys out if they want to see you perform live?

Y: Listen, we performed at many venues and became more experienced and much more self-confident. Anytime, anywhere. I see in this sporting interest – to shake the bored crowd.

CC: Do you think this is a band that will survive the test of time?

Y: I think that I am a musician who will argue with time. And we all such persons in REMARK. A coincidence, isn’t it?

CC: How would you convince someone to listen to your music?

Y: Well, I would say: “Hey, you want to listen some good music?”

And frankly, I do not want to convince anyone. There are a lot of people, and a lot of music. Yin and Yang will come together.

CC: Do you have anything else to add to this interview?

Y: More good readers for you and never give up!

All questions answered by vocalist Yanas.

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Post and interview by Karen Shalev

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