Song Review: PRYM – “Lights”

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Last year when the Warped Tour lineup announcements were going on I saw that this awesome band called Dash|Ten was performing. I didn’t get the chance to see them at the dates of Warped I attended, which was a total bummer. Dash|Ten was formally sponsored by the Army which gave them a chance to play all over the world. When lead singer Corrin Campbell’s time with the Army came to an end she wanted to change things up musically. That’s how the band PRYM was started.

With the creation of a new band comes the creation of new music and with PRYM, it’s a song called “Lights”. There’s a spacey feel to the song at the beginning and then that all changes. Once the chilled out spacey-ness is gone, it changes gears. Everything that makes a good rock song is in this, the fuzzy guitars, the heavy drums and the crazy vocals all make an appearance.

Campbell has really powerful, versatile vocals and she shows them off in this song going from singing softly to holding out notes with power. When you hear the rock elements of this song, you’re going to be impressed with how Campbell can belt out these lines in the song.

It can be hard to judge a band off one song, but from listening to this song I would say that PRYM is a band to have on your musical radar. The style changes in “Lights” as well as the vocals and the rock feel to this song all make me want to hear more.

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Post by Madeline Cronin

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