Album Review: The Without – “Factions” EP

The Without

In March, hardcore rock band The Without released their debut EP, Factions. This five-piece band hails from Portland, Oregon. Although they just put out this EP, they are already working on new material, with plans to release more in the near future.

The first song on the album, “Play Tricks,” has a short introduction before launching into the lyrics. The lines “I don’t think I can make it, no, not this time,” are continually used throughout the song. The vocals are fast in the verse, before sounding different in the chorus. Even though some of the lyrics are a bit repetitive, this song’s sound is in no way boring. “Dead Gold” starts off pretty quickly. The first part of the song has a slower beat in comparison to the rest of it. The song speeds up yet again for the second verse, and adds in some unclean vocals by Michael Draper as well.

“Two Wolves” begins with a smooth sound, overlaid with Draper’s vocals, before slowly introducing more guitars and a steadily quickening tempo. The beat in the chorus is a strong one that is sure to make you want to bang your head along to it. The EP closes with “Rat Party.” This song opens with a fast, heavy beginning with a solid beat that is present throughout the song. I love the guitar work that can be heard throughout the song. This is definitely a track that you can easily imagine people moshing to at a concert. After the lyrics, “but I don’t think I can make it, not this time,” lines that really pop out at you, Factions fades to a close.

While listening to the EP, I noticed that none of the songs seem as long as they actually are. They all sound relatively short, but still add up to a full sounding release. The Without is a band that you’ll want to pay attention to to see where they go next.

  1. Play Tricks
  2. Dead Gold
  3. Two Wolves
  4. Rat Party

Post by Anna Rhodes

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