Album Review: Halflives – “Empty Rooms”

Empty Rooms artwork

On April 14, Italian rock band Halflives released their first full-length album, Empty Rooms. They had previously only released a couple of songs, including a haunting cover of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome To The Black Parade,” which can be found here. This new album was highly anticipated by many of their fans who had been waiting for more music by this emerging band.

After a couple of seconds of silence, “Lone Wolf” starts off with an electronic sound, before going into something more melodic and filled with keys. That sound continues for the song, but slows down for the bridge. “Burn” is one of the songs that Halflives released prior to the release of their album, as well as the next two songs on the album. In “Burn,” Linda Battilani’s powerful vocals really begin to shine though. The song starts slow for a moment before picking up with a steady beat. “Mayday” has a catchy sound that makes you want to move. There’s a more electronic sound with a slow beat in the beginning of “Echo”. This is a song about losing somebody close to you.

The guitars in “The Sickness” are alluring, especially in the bridge. They’re accompanied by Battilani’s impressive vocals, with the line “don’t you know, I’ve lost my mind, I’ve lost control,” being the one that truly stands out on the track. “Half Alive” has a fast-paced introduction. The sound on this song is a bit heavier. There’s sort of a jumping beat in “Empty Room.” The chorus is a very catchy one. The album ends with “Collide.” There’s a slow introduction and an electronic beat that continues into the song. The lyrics in the second verse are particularly strong, with “people look at me but I look for you in their eyes.” The words and the music all flow together superbly.

With only eight songs, lasting about half an hour, Empty Rooms is a pretty short album. Regardless, Halflives have released a record full of emotion, using both the lyrics and the sound of the music to create their own unique sound.

  1. Lone Wolf
  2. Burn
  3. Mayday
  4. Echo
  5. The Sickness
  6. Half Alive
  7. Empty Room
  8. Collide

Post by Anna Rhodes

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  1. Brilliant debut album. Engaging throughout, from the electronic opening of ‘Lone Wolf’ to the soaring chorus of ‘Collide’. All tracks have emotive lyrics mixed with some fast pace rock riffs. Put this album on repeat and you’ll keep on listening.

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