Album Review: The Damn Truth – “Devilish Folk”


Rock ‘n roll is not what it used to be, but every now and then, a new band comes along and releases an album that makes you feel like the future of rock is safe. The Damn Truth is that band. Their sophomore album Devilish Folk, released in 2016, has that old spirit of rock ‘n roll, that “whiskey attitude” that artists like Janis Joplin and Led Zeppelin had. This album makes no excuses and takes no prisoners. It grabs you by the throat and holds you there.

The lead vocals on this album are just insane; there’s this really enticing raspy quality that pulls you in. The guitars, bass, and drums show how it’s done. This album is constructed like a tapestry: each thread is interwoven with every other thread. If you pull one thread, the whole thing will unravel. If everything is in its place, however, you end with a really beautiful tapestry, which is Devilish Folk.

This album is full of top-notch singles, but “Broken Blues” stands out from the rest. It’s pure rock ‘n roll. “Heart Is Cold” is another one that will immediately grab your attention. “Get With You” and “Pirates and Politicians” are two more great songs on this album.

The Damn Truth is definitely ushering in the new era of great rock and roll with Devilish Folk.

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  1. White Lies
  2. Pirates and Politicians
  3. Plastic Flowers
  4. Wouldn’t Be Lying
  5. Broken Blues
  6. Alex
  7. Heart Is Cold
  8. Get With You
  9. The Match
  10. Hangin On
  11. Leave It In The Dark
  12. Devilish Folk

Post by Karen Shalev

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