Throwback Thursday: Transit – “Listen & Forgive”

Listen & Forgive

2016 was a tumultuous year for the entertainment business. And the music scene was not spared. Last year, Boston outfit Transit announced their farewell tour after their final album Joyride was well received by fans. Transit has since left quite the statement on the music community with their album Listen & Forgive, encompassing the emotions someone would feel after a difficult heartbreak.

By combining signature pop punk guitars and indie-rock inspired vocals, Listen & Forgive is a standout album on their discography. With singles like “Long Lost Friends” and “Skipping Stone”, vocalist Joe Boynton croons about losing someone as both a lover and a friend, and everything that comes with it. Not to mention that Fall Out Boy vocalist Patrick Stump was also featured on the album on the track “All Your Heart”.

Though Transit has had quite a few hits, none quite measure up to the heartfelt emotions conveyed through Listen & Forgive. With genuine, relatable, and mature lyrics, this album captures its’ audience and takes them on an emotional ride. The upbeat pop punk rhythms offset the somber lyrics perfectly, creating a listenable narrative. Although they are no longer a band, Transit’s hard work on this album won’t be overlooked. The album still stands the test of time six years later, and its reissue with bonus tracks has held up just as well. Whether this album helps you through a rough breakup, or a friend growing distant, Listen & Forgive will continue to be a cornerstone album for pop punk and indie fans alike.

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Post by Kayla Rojas

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