Interview: Getting to know Amycanbe

Concert Crap: Can you talk about a brief history of the band?

Mattia Mercuriali: I and Marco started playing together because I was looking for bandmates and never had an original project…so he was playing in a hardcore, nu-metal with a classmate of mine, and this guy had the brilliant idea to introduce us.

After some months of line-up changing, especially spent on finding a singer, Marco met Francesca during a in-house concert. We felt immediately in love with her voice and magic happened. She said immediately “Yes” and we started making concerts as soon as Paolo  joined.

For several years we played in four,  then we added a second guitar (to better reproduce arrangements from the second album and on), but two years ago two bandmates just quit and they were both replaced by our historical producer Matta.

So at the moment, Amycanbe are four people again: Marco playing drums and piano, Mattia playing guitar,  Matta playing synthesizers and samplers and Francesca, singing and playing piano and some drums.

CC: What does your band name mean?

MM: It had to be something like ‘It’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’! Francesca has a very good friend called Amy and it just came Amycanbe!

CC: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

MM: All four of us listen to a lot of different music and we love to share the listening, often with disastrous results!

We have definitely widened up our music and art culture playing and spending time together. There’s so many bands and sounds which influenced us over the years that it would be constraining writing here few names! But as I like giving names and numbers I’d say (for my personal taste): Radiohead and Jonny Greenwood above all, Kraftwerk, Beatles, Stereolab.

CC: Who would you like to tour with realistically and unrealistically?

MM: Realistically: there are some great Italian bands that I like to tour with, I mean Verdena and Perturbazione, or Laetitia Sadier who is often in Italy, and she is very open to collaborations. I love her voice.

Un-realistically: Led Zeppelin or The Clash, maybe two of the greatest bands I will always regret not seeing live. And what about the Who!??!

CC: What does the rest of 2017 have in store for you guys?

MM: We are writing new material and widening our music collaborations. We started collaborating with some fashion brands and TV series.

Of course we will play a lot of gigs in Italy and some festivals too. And hopefully in Europe, we are just adding a lot these days, you can follow our “movement” in our FB Page and or here for Fresh Pics 🙂

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anyone that may be reading this interview at all?

MM: Trust YOURSELF and our music, please come to concerts (every concert!!) because we have to struggle to keep music and positive vibrations alive in this strange and beautiful time!

And take a rest, at least try from the daily pace of life that is often frantic, listen to music without doing hundreds of things.

All questions answered by Mattia Mercuriali.

Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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