Album Review: Message From Sylvia – “Message From Sylvia”

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Earlier this month, Message From Sylvia released their debut self-titled album. This hard rock band consists of members who used to be in other bands, such as First Decree, Echovalve, and DoryDrive. They recently went out on tour along with Eve To Adam and recently finished up a tour with Red, Wolves At The Gate, and Death Therapy.

“Heart of War” begins with a memorable introduction to the song. It immediately becomes something that I want to hear more of, making me an instant fan of the band. Both this song and “Right Here and Now” were released ahead of this album. The latter is a captivating song that makes me nod my head to it and sing along. Matthew Nevitt’s vocals begin to really shine here. The first verse of “Crystal Ball” draws attention to it and leads into the chorus well. It’s one of my favorites on the album. The line “I can’t make it right again, the cuts are way too deep to mend” is one that really stands out to me.

“Army of One” is a bit heavier in the sound of the music, especially in the bridge. This is another catchy song. The introduction on “Fall in Line” starts off slow, but then builds into the rest of the song. This song is about continuing to stand up for what you believe in. The lines “we will not break, we will not fall. If you push us, we won’t move at all” summarize that. “Alive” slows it down just a bit for the last song on the album. After the lines, “just close your eyes, you’re almost out of tears. Try to forget now, just try to let go,” the song slowly fades to a close.

Right now seems to be a pretty good time, since there seem to be so many new bands that are just getting started. Message From Sylvia is another one of those. With this solid debut album, I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Purchase “Message from Sylvia”

  1. Heart of Way
  2. A Victim of Yourself
  3. Right Here and Now
  4. Crystal Ball
  5. Never Want to See You Again
  6. Army of One
  7. Fall in Line
  8. Embrace the Rage
  9. December (Forever)
  10. Alive

Post by Anna Rhodes

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