Album Review: The Ivins – “The Code Duello”

The Code Duello Album Cover

On April 28, The Ivins will be releasing their new album. The Code Duello. The alternative rock band is brothers Jim and Jack Ivins. They are originally from Richmond, Virginia, but are currently located in Nashville, Tennessee.

The first thing you hear on the album are sirens. “Freefall” begins with an introduction that’s a great start to giving everybody a preview of what’s to come. Jim Ivins’ quick vocals go along with the beat of the song. This song is sure to draw fans to The Ivins, even if it is their first time listening to the band. The line “You’re pulling me down and I can’t be the one to help you if I can’t help myself” There is almost a country-rock influence in the first few seconds of the next song, “Heartbreakers.” Jim’s vocals can be described as nearly soft throughout the song. “Make Up Mind” is another song that sounds different from the rest. The various parts of the song all sound a bit distinct from each other, but they still all work together.

“The Seeker” starts with a slow, somber introduction. There is a solid beat throughout the song. The vocals are particularly powerful in the bridge. The lines “cause I’ll be yours if you can hear me, I’ll be ever always seeking,” really stick out to me. There is a more upbeat sound in “Nothing Left To Say.” This song has a memorable guitar solo, and quickly comes to a close after a bit of drumming on Jack Ivins’ part. The longest song on the album is “Tell Me.” The first part of the song sounds different than the rest of it, with the vocal and guitar parts getting stronger as the song goes on. The sound slowly fades out. The Code Duello ends with “Bring Life.” The first thing heard on this song is an entrancing drum beat by drummer Jack. The song starts slow, but then gets faster before the chorus, before smoothly concluding the album.

After listening to a few songs on the album, it was obvious that each song had its own distinct sound. There are many influences at play, and, together, they form The Code Duello, a release that’s sure to win over listeners of all genres.

  1. Freefall
  2. Heartbreakers
  3. Lay Me Down
  4. Out Of Air
  5. Stockholm Syndrome
  6. Made Up Mind
  7. Masquerade
  8. Roam The World
  9. The Seeker
  10. Nothing Left To Say
  11. Mountains
  12. Tell Me
  13. Bring Life

Post by Anna Rhodes

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