Album Review: American Standards – “Anti-Melody”

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If you like bands that are as hardcore as you can get, American Standards is the band for you. Their full-length album Anti-Melody is a great example of how to do heavy music properly.

The album does not start off subtly. “Writer’s Block Party” is about as heavy as you can get. Unlike a lot of other bands of this genre, American Standards doesn’t stray from their sound; they stay as consistent throughout the album as you could hope for a band to be.  This album definitely makes an impact on you, with robust performances from each member of the band. “Church Burner” and “Bartenders Without Wings” are two great songs for anyone wanting to really hear solid work from each band member. “Danger Music #9” is another great song on the album. This is the kind of album that begs to be heard live, with a large mosh pit, circle pit, lots of crowdsurfing, and a sea of banging heads. Turn this album up and mosh in your room if you have to, because it’s the best way to listen to Anti-Melody.

This is absolutely only the beginning of American Standards. Anti-Melody is a great album that packs a serious punch.

Post by Karen Shalev

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