Album Review: Pavlo – “Live in Kastoria”


Internationally renowned, award-winning guitarist Pavlo’s album Live in Kastoria, released in March, is a feast for the soul. The album, which was recorded live in Kastoria, Greece and is also available as a DVD of the live performance, features some of the best instrumental music out there.

Each song on Live in Kastoria has a slightly different influence. “Café Kastoria,” featuring the baglama (an instrument similar to a bouzouki but smaller in size) has more of a Greek influence, as do “Broken Plate” and “Santorini Sunset.” On the other hand, “Cuban Brass Cowboy” has more of a Latin flavor to it. The album also includes classic songs such as “Zorba,” “Never on Sunday,” and “If You Could Read My Mind.” Despite the fact that each song has a different influence, they all have one constant: Pavlo’s expert playing. He brings each song to life, something that can be difficult to do with instrumental music.

Another advantage of Live in Kastoria is Pavlo’s band. Dimitrios Bogris on the bouzouki and baglama, Curtis Freeman on bass, and Gino Mirizio on percussion work superbly with Pavlo, never out of sync once. Each one is a talented musician in their own right, but when the four of them play together, the result is pure magic.

Live in Kastoria also features special guests Remigio Pereira on guitar and vocals, G. Pinto on the violin, Lazos Ioannidis on the lyra, Tasos and Tasoulis Valkanis on the trumpets, and Vasilis Gkouletsas dancing. The combination of the different influences, the live recording, Pavlo and his talented band, and the special guests on Live in Kastoria adds to its prolific nature and makes it an album you’ll want to listen to again and again…and again.

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Post by Karen Shalev

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