Album Review: Soldiers of a Wrong War – “Countdowns”

SOAWW - Countdowns artwork

It’s official: the alt-rock scene is about to be completely taken over by Italian band Soldiers of a Wrong War when they release their album Countdowns on April 18.

This album is pure fun. It makes you want to put your worries aside and just drown yourself in the music. You can feel the love that these musicians have for their music, which will resonate with audiences. “We Will Never Fall” is one of those songs that you can imagine yourself right in the middle of a crowd of a few thousand people, all jumping up and down, bright strobe lights going off, with maybe a crowd surfer here and there. In the center of it all, you see Soldiers of a Wrong War standing on the stage performing in front of this insanely large audience and encouraging everyone to have the time of their life. “Yeah!” is another song that makes you just want to let loose; there’s actually a video up on YouTube for this song. A third great song on this album is “Out of Time.” While every song feels like it was given equal loving treatment, there’s a different passion heard in this song versus the others that will make this an anthem for a lot of fans.

Soldiers Of A Wrong War is a young band with a young sound that will be extremely widely received. With the songs on Countdowns, it won’t be long before these guys are selling out venues across the world.

1. Deep Impact
2. Hit Me
3. Through This Wall
4. We Will Never Fall
5. Clocks
6. Broken Bones
7. In Our Skin Again
8. Yeah!
9. Milestone
10. Out of Time

Post by Karen Shalev

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