Album Review: Cross the Divide – “Fearless”


New Hampshire-based hard rockers Cross the Divide released their full-length album Fearless on October 14, 2016. Bands with three members so often lack the depth that larger bands have, but that’s not a problem on this album. It’s actually almost surprising how strong this album is. The vocals are strong with an almost gritty quality to them, which adds a dimension to the music that makes you stop and listen. The drums are heavy, the guitar is on point, and the bass keeps everything where it needs to be.

Fearless is a great album featuring amazing songs, with “Fearless We Rise” and “Sail on the Stars” being the best on it. There are plenty of superb solo moments throughout that give a great opportunity to really get into the music and appreciate how talented these guys are, like in “The Perfect Storm.”

Overall, Fearless is a top notch release from Cross the Divide and sets a great precedent for their future releases.

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  1. Approaching
  2. Hostage
  3. Fearless We Rise
  4. Glow in the Dark
  5. The Perfect Storm
  6. Sail on the Stars
  7. Blood and Breath
  8. Reach
  9. Unearth
  10. The Sparrow
  11. Until the End of Days

Post by Karen Shalev

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