Album Review: Counterfeit – “Together We Are Stronger”

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A couple of months ago, I heard Counterfeit’s song, “Come Get Some,” on YouTube. Within the first 30 seconds of the song, I knew that I had found a new favorite band. I immediately forced all of my friends to listen to them, purchased all of their available songs, and pre-ordered their debut album, Together We Are Stronger, which released March 17. This five-piece band from London, England, has a sound that falls somewhere between punk and rock. The lead singer of this band is Jamie Campbell Bower, an actor known for his roles in various movies.

The first song, “Washed Out,” begins the album with a strong introduction that is pretty representative of the rest of the tracks. The repeated line “I’m too old to live, I’m too young to die,” is one that really sticks out to me. “Close To Your Chest,” starts with its chorus. Even though it is one of the shorter songs on the album, it still has a great instrumental section in the middle of it. It’s about the anger you feel after a failed relationship, something that many can relate to. “Romeo” has a really smooth, catchy sound. To me, each part of the song sounds a bit different, but I love how they all work together and make for a song that is bound to get stuck in your head.

The next song, “You can’t Rely” is one of my favorites on the album. The first time I heard it, I had to play it over again to hear it more. Like the rest of the songs, it has its own sound that I haven’t heard in many bands. One line in the song, “you can’t rely on someone else,” basically sums up what it is about. A few of the songs had been released before the rest of the album, including its next three tracks. “Addiction” is my favorite of those. From the beginning, the strong beat of the song is sure to draw you in. “Letters To The Lost” ends the album on a solemn note. Although it is a slower song, it is still heavy and fit in with the rest of the tracks, wrapping it all together for a solid ending to an impressive debut album.

Overall, I love the way Together We Are Stronger flows together. I’m going to have the CD playing on repeat in my car for a while. I can’t wait to see what this band does next.

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Post by Anna Rhodes

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