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Meet Will Evans. Singer, song writer, drummer and front man for Barefoot Truth. As an independent artist, Evans explores a new genre of music with a mixture of folk, rock and grassroots. With his start in Barefoot Truth, he explored his talents of singing and drumming. Once band members dispersed, Evans decided to blaze his own path within the music industry and has created quite the following in the New England area.

In his live performances, Evans uses his impressive looping skills to combine his drumming background with his highly energized and entertaining acoustic style. His relatable lyrics and spontaneous appearances by his didgeridoo keep his fans coming back for more.

 Barefoot Truth will be playing their annual reunion show on April 22nd, in Northampton, Massachusetts. You can find tickets here.


Learn more about Will Evans in this interview below:
Concert Crap: How did you get started?

Will Evans: Singing in the Baptist choir when I was 6 years old.

CC: Who are your inspirations and influences?

WE: John Butler, Ray Lamontagne, Xavier Rudd, Rage Against the Machine, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, Ed Sheeran, Katchafire, Trevor Hall, John Mayer, Cold Duck Complex, and lots of hip hop.

CC: How would you describe your music?

WE: Roots Music

CC: What does your writing process look like?

WE: It usually starts with a guitar line or vocal hook that wakes me up out of sleep and I’ll sing it or play it into my phone (this always makes my wife mad since it’s usually 2-3 a.m.) I have tons of these recordings and when I’m feeling inspired I start sifting through them and pick one to focus on depending on the mood I’m in or what’s on my mind.  Occasionally I’ll sit down when I’m really fired up about something, usually social or environmental issues and write a complete song in one sitting.

CC: If you could have a sandwich named after you what would be on the sandwich?

WE: (Nuttin’ but the Truth) it would be Almond Butter with Cacao mixed in banana slices and honey drizzled over on Sprouted grain Eziekal bread.

CC: Why should people listen to your music or come see you perform?

WE: I would hope people would come see me and really feel how my music takes me over while I’m performing. I try to keep people entertained, I’m very keen on people’s energy so I try to play songs to match that energy.

Exclusive images of Evans’ performance in Massachusetts

Purchase “Signal Flares”

Post and photos by Kelsey Lockhart

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