Interview: Who is Desolate The Few?

Concert Crap: Who is Desolate The Few?

Sean Feinberg: We’re a multi genre metal band from San Bernardino, California

CC: Your album Within Remembrance, can you talk about the creation of it and some of the best moments since its inception?

SF: Our album Within Remembrance was written with the notion of creative freedom between all members of our band. Each song is a product of individuality coming together in order to appeal to wide variety of listeners. Our fondest moments since its inception would have to be during our live shows. Hearing our fans singing along word for word is a true blessing.

CC: What is the best thing about growing your music in Southern California?

SF: Southern California music scene is huge and very diverse. Growing our music here has its advantages because we get to perform/meet and become friends with so many talented people who help motivate as well as influence our music.

CC: What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your musical career?

SF: Our biggest accomplishments are our fans and friends we’ve made and are still making throughout the years. Their support is what keeps us motivated.

CC: What do you hope to accomplish in the next 10 years as a band?

SF: Within the next 10 years we hope to still be rocking and writing as much as possible. We create music and perform because we love it and we will never stop because it’s who we are and we it’s what we do best.

CC: What else do you guys have in store for 2017?

SF: Our most major plan for 2017 would have expected to be our first tour coming up very soon. We’re very excited to get to travel and rock at the same time and to share our music.

CC: Why should people care about Desolate The Few?

SF: Desolate the few exists because of a group of hard working guys had a vision and stuck to it. We are a product of hard work and dedication and we love what we do 100%. We are a reminder that anything is possible with the rite amount of determination.

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to tell your fans or anyone reading this interview right now?

We thank our fans/friends/family/producers/ and promoters for believing in our vision and supporting us because it’s all of them that keeps Desolate The Few alive.

All questions answered by Sean Feinberg.

Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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