Artists You Need to Know: State of Mine


No, it’s not Five Finger Death Punch you’re listening to. It’s an amazing band from Michigan you need to know called State of Mine. Formed in 2010, the band is made up of vocalist Steve, lead guitarist Shawn, rhythm guitarist Matt, bassist Corey, and drummer Mike. They released their first EP St8 of Mine in April 2015 and followed that up with their second release Devil in Disguise in September 2016.

If nobody made you aware, you would never be able to figure out that the vocalist is not Ivan Moody of 5FDP, but actually Steve of State of Mine. He has such a distinctive voice with a great range that he could sing the contents of the most boring textbook and it would get you interested. The rest of the band is amazing as well. Shawn gives a mean guitar solo and Matt definitely knows his way around a guitar; the two of them together are a great pair. The backbone of the band is the rhythm section; without a solid bassist and drummer, no band can survive. Thankfully, that is not something State of Mine has to worry about. Corey and Mike are absolutely amazing at holding down the beat, both separately and together.

State of Mine, on their second EP, covered “Rise” by Katy Perry, turning it into a rock/metal anthem. It’s not easy to take a pop song and cover it so well that you never would have known it wasn’t written by metal heavyweights, but they do it and do it well. It’s just one example of the many amazing songs State of Mine has released.

The best part about State of Mine is that when you listen to their music, you can feel that they really enjoy what they do.

State of Mine’s goal “is to spread the gospel of old attitude rock, whiskey, parties, and metal that brings everyone together.” This is a band that is definitely going to go far and achieve that goal of theirs.

Devil in Disguise [Explicit]

Post by Karen Shalev

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