Interview: Brett Newski is iksweN ttreB backwards

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Ok, so it’s no secret that here at Concert Crap we are big Brett Newski fans. I mean, I stayed sober the whole time I was at his set because I was laughing so hard I forgot I’m an alcoholic. But, besides the clinical therapeutic substance relief I get from watching this man on stage and listening to his Soundcloud / Bandcamp / YouTube channels, I also just genuinely like his direction. He’s funny and intelligent and catchy and a traveler and a really good songwriter. It’s everything I’ve aspired to be and horribly failed at.


So I recently had a chance to interview him and this is the result:

Yesse: Okay, so you’ve been everywhere the last couple of years. Where would you say your favorite stop has been, and why?

Brett: Last week I played recreational basketball at the YMCA and hit four jumpshots. That was dope because my game has been broke the past couple years and now I’m going strong to the rim every time. You gotta finish with authority.

Y: Weirdest person/sighting you have experienced? 

B: Probably this guy:

He is deeply disturbed.

Y: Somebody steals your passport and identity and you are now forced to become a citizen of a different country. Where do you permanently move to?

B: You’ve got to go to Fiji like motion picture film star Jim Carrey. WWJCD.

Y: One of my favorite things you’ve ever said is “They say you start dying the minute you’re born, but I believe you start dying once you eat at Arbys.” This isn’t a question. I just want you to know I spit-laughed when it came up on my feed.*

B: You want to co-invest in an arbys franchise with me? We should serve these food items I think:

Disclaimer: nobody take this idea.


new LP art! ↑

Y: Your writing is centered around humor and good vibes. Is there a writing process for it? Do you sit and write until the song is written, or do you sketch little thoughts down throughout the day that come together? 

B: For certain I keep my “joke to real song ratio” low. The quirky songs are fun and great ice-breakers at shows, but that’s really only five percent of my writing.  On the contrary to what I just said, I’ve got an album called The Worst of Brett Newski out April 28, which is some more of the social commentary, tongue in cheek songs.

Y: Does it ever become a challenge to perform solo as opposed to with a back-up band?


Y: If you weren’t traveling and writing music, where would you be and what would you be doing?

B: Honestly, I have this dream of selling my dumb t-shirts at flea markets out of a VW van all over the USA. I’ll do this career at some point.

Y: You go back in time and you give 15-year-old Brett Newski advice, what is it?

B: As much as I loved college, I probably would not do it again. It’s a big business and very much unnecessary if you are going to work for yourself in any kind of arts field.

Y: What can we expect from you this year if Trump doesn’t finish us all? 

B: “ER” is going to come back on prime time TV and we’ll all be saved by Clooney.


So expect more ER and less BS from Brett Newski this year.

And when he comes to a city near you, goooooooo.

*No Arby’s were harmed during this interview process.

Post by Yesse Carillo

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