Artists You Need to Know: LOLO


Meet LOLO, aka Lauren Pritchard. LOLO isn’t just a singer who performs around the country. She is also an incredible song writer, who writes for not just herself, but other artists AND she writes beautiful musicals. Her experience as a performer creates such an amazing vibe that really draws her audience into her songs. She is, for sure, a must see artist!

I was able to sit down and chat with the lovely LOLO herself when she played in Troy, NY. We talked about her writing process, and how its very different with everyone she works with. She said that collaborating is awesome, but challenging at the same time. She explained that the music is usually written before the lyrics when she is creating new material. LOLO is inspired by everyone and everything around her. When asked about her influences, she couldn’t pick one artist or even genre that really helps her with her music. She listens to songs she likes…which is everything!


When I asked LOLO to describe her music using one word, she stated “unapologetic” without hesitation. Being such a strong role model for the music industry, I felt like this word showed who she truly is. A strong independent female artist who just wanted to share her feelings through the use of music. In a music industry dominated by men, it is pleasing to have such an amazing and talented artist, to sing about how important is it to be yourself.


LOLO is currently playing at South By South West, alongside Weezer and will be playing some college shows around the U.S. Check out her latest single, Shine below as well as photos from her performance in Troy, NY.

(Fun Fact: LOLO just recently performed “Shine” on the Bachelor!!)

Post and photos by Kelsey Lockhart

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