Exclusive: 10 Songs that influenced Evening Darling’s self-titled debut album


“Zero” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This song makes me feel like I did when I first moved to NYC (who am I kidding you always feel like a zero in NYC). Besides the fact that I love Karen O, I really like that this song celebrates being a nobody and having the guts to keep getting up when you’re down. That sounds cheesy. Karen says it better. – Erica

“Thin Line Between Love and Hate” – The Pretenders version

I love that the piano and drums are the main attractions in The Pretenders’ version of this song. It’s simple, but it really makes you listen close. That’s harder than you would imagine. We are always thinking, “What can we add? How big can we go?” This song is an excellent reminder that you can pull back and still make a great song. – Erica

“Night Still Comes” – Neko Case

Neko Case has been a big influence on me since I first started writing lyrics and melodies. Her imagery and arrangements continue to surprise me, and I hear something new, no matter how many times I’ve listened to a song. – Erica

“Kid” – The Pretenders

This song is all jangle, sneer, and leather to me. When I first heard the short guitar solo in the middle of this song, I was absolutely floored. Jimmy Honeyman Scott put together a concise, meaningful, and well-structured solo here with an incredible guitar tone that informs everything I do on our album. – Nick

“If I Could Change Your Mind” – Haim

This song is built with a ton of small parts moving independently of one another. The vocals in the chorus are instantly vintage, I remember feeling like I had heard this song hundreds of times when I first heard it. The long fade at the end is also pretty old-school. – Nick

“Everybody Here Wants You” – Jeff Buckley

This is basically the black sheep on an album that Jeff Buckley never released. He thought it was too pop, too clean, it was reviewed on the same page of Billboard magazine as Michael McDonald. He hated that. But unfortunately for Jeff we love this song. Dan brought it into rehearsal one day and we deconstructed its deceptively simple groove and ended up writing one of the songs for this album, For a Good Time. – Nick & Dan

“Sleepyhead” – Passion Pit

Listening to this song on my friend Marc Lacuesta’s porch in Nashville, the chorus for “Another Long Drive” burst into my head fully formed. Marc and I had been recording instrumentals all day that day and I ran in and sang the chorus. Erica has added her inimitable style to it over the years. I loved the high, insistent tone in Michael Angelakos’s voice. – Nick

“Up On Cripple Creek” – The Band

“Dancing in the Dark” – Bruce Springsteen

This song has so many elements of what made this album for us. Electric keyboards used to perfect effect, a lonely world with a regular person struggling to figure out who they need to be, that big drum sound. It’s pretty much the most-played track for us in the studio. – Nick

“Something” – The Beatles

I really started thinking about George Harrison when I heard Rusty’s guitar tone on “Classic Cars”  The verses and chorus are mostly influenced by Levon Helm’s playing on Cripple Creek. However, as we progressed into the guitar solo and back-end of the tune, I started to hear more of a Beatles/George Harrison sound, so I pulled back on the snare drum chatter/ghost notes that Levon would normally do. Instead, I tried to play more straight ahead, like Ringo (but still keep a slight hint of Levon’s bounce). It’s funny that this is the particular song that influenced me, because there are so many tom-tom fills in “Something”, and I hardly hit the toms at all. It was just something about Ringo and George’s playing was constantly on my mind while tracking the tune. -Dan





Answered by Evening Darling’s members Erica Lane (Vocals), Daniel Burke (Drums) and Nick Lerangis (Guitar, Vocals). Other members include David Letchinger (Keys), Brett Saxon (Bass, vocals) and. Ryan Loftus (Guitar, vocals).

Post by Corey Kleinsasser

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