Throwback Thursday: Looking Back at Senses Fail’s “Still Searching”


Almost 1 years ago, New Jersey outfit Senses Fail put out their landmark album Still Searching (2006). The  sophomore album has been a staple for anyone that was listening to the more ‘emo’ or post-hardcore music at the time. Or perhaps they had discovered the hit “Can’t be Saved” off Guitar Hero. Either way, there is no doubt that this is one of their standout albums.

Conceived after a short break from touring after the success of their freshman record Let it Enfold You (2004), vocalist Buddy Nielsen opted for more emotive lyrics rather than put the focus on heavy breakdowns and hardcore tropes. In an interview with Wayback Magazine in 2006, Nielsen had mentioned that he had wanted the songs and lyrics to be more relatable to fans, although they are open for interpretation.

To this day, Still Searching holds up as one of the best, not only in their discography, but arguably a big influence on the scene as we know it. You knew as soon as the album opened with ‘The Rapture” as its’ intro, there was no going back.

Boasting other songs such as “Calling All Cars” and “Lost and Found”, this album is surely one to be revisited every so often even if you consider yourself a casual Senses Fail fan. This year, the band is heading out on a 10-year tour for the album alongside Like Pacific, Counterparts and Movements for support, which kicks off this spring!

Post by Kayla Rojas

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