Album Review: Americas Pastime – “Introspection”


A solo artist hailing from San Antonio, Texas, Americas Pastime not only provides that easy listening that we long for, but also the expressive lyrics that we can relate to.

The EP has three songs, and appears to have a cohesive theme throughout. It’s something that many listeners may be all too familiar with – feelings (more so of despair) associated with love.

The first song, “Indifference,” presents a story of one’s realization of falling for someone after some time has passed, all while the current timing may not be right. The subtle melody in this song sets up the perfect exhibit for the rawness in both emotions and sound that we’ll be hearing.

Next is “Fear,” which disguises itself as a catchy tune, but in reality is laced with melancholy and the worries of not being good enough for someone.

“Doubt” stays true to a candid sound, even with elements of a full band incorporated. With lyrics such as, “don’t break down, we’re strong now,” it displays a scenario that many listeners have experienced fighting for the one you love.

Overall, Introspection provides a comfortable spin on familiar sounds, and still maintains musical intimacy with the listener. It will be a new “go-to” album for teenagers experiencing their first hardships from love, or simply for those wanting softer music. This 3-song EP gave a glimpse inside one’s account of love. We’ll be patiently waiting for more music, and to see if there’s more to the story.

The EP officially releases on March 4, 2017.

Side note: Check out his cover of “Only One” by Yellowcard, and prepare to lose yourself in it.

Post by Megan Choi

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