Interview: Vista speaks on their debut EP, playing to new fans and more

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Concert Crap: Who is VISTA?

Greg Almeida: VISTA is a state of mind, maaaaan.

Matthew Vlossak: Greg, Hope and I. Unless…you meant something diff.

CC: You just played a big show, opening for Against The Current, last week at Irving Plaza in New York. How did that go?

GA: Awesome! One of the best shows of my life.

Hope Vista: It was super sick. They were super welcoming and the crowd was totally nuts, I’m really hoping we get to play more shows like that in the near future. We got suppppper amped from it!

MV: It was the best show of my musical career and the biggest! It was addicting, that feeling you get being on a stage so historic and seeing a crowd like that. I was filled with gratitude, I still am.

CC: You released your debut EP VERSUS last May. How has your life changed since then?

GA: I wasn’t a part of it, but i think it was great ground to step on and move forward.

MV: I wasn’t a part of that either. It was a nice stepping stone to what VISTA wanted to be.

HV: Yeah, I am the only member currently in VISTA that was a part of making VERSUS. Everything has changed since then, honestly. VISTA now is what it was always supposed to be!

CC: Who are you hoping to play a show with realistically and unrealistically?

GA: Realistically, more Against The Current shows. Would love to play with multiple genres honestly. Unrealistically: Imagine playing with Linkin Park? That’d be nuts or like… Paramore.

MV: I’d love to play with Against the Current again. They were amazing and so nice! But I’d also love to play with Angels and Airwaves, Foo Fighters, Muse, Coldplay…It’s probably more towards the unrealistic side as the list goes on.

HV: Playing with them again would be super sick. Linkin Park, I’d completely pee myself on stage, they’re my favorite band. I’d love to tour with Set It Off, those guys are rad.

CC: What are you guys hoping to accomplish in 2017?

GA: Play more shows, write more music, and tour!

MV: Write a new EP! I like VERSUS but I’m thirsty to play new songs, haha. Also playing more shows to meet all the fans.

CC: Why should people care about VISTA?

GA: First, decide if you like our music. Then, just know that you are caring about a band that cares about you. All of our fans are the absolute homies. We’ve been doing this a while. We know what it takes to be a fan of someone, and how much supporting local music means.

MV: Yeah, hopefully the music speaks to you in ways. If you find truth in the lyrics and the music bonds with your soul that’s awesome! We are all loving people and have no egos. Our fans are as much family as our own. We love them and we are in this together.

HV: Agreed. They summed it up better than I could!

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anyone reading this interview at all?

GA: Check out “Henchmen”! You may like it.

MV: Check out “Henchmen” and be patient while we write new songs! We love you guys and thank you so much for taking the time to read this interview and curious about our band, VISTA.

HV: Thanks so much for this interview! Hope you enjoy “Henchmen” and to see ya on the road this year 🙂

Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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