Concert Review: “Looking for America” with Switchfoot


On January 25th, 2017 Switchfoot brought the second leg of their “Looking for America” tour to The Grove of Anaheim for a sold out show. Relient K co-headlined the show with a 19 song set. This was my fifth time seeing Switchfoot and it was just as awesome as always.

The “Looking for America” tour began last year and went all around the country. Named after a song on Switchfoot’s newest album Where The Light Shines Through, “Looking for America” fits really well with the current political situation in America.

The show was opened with “Holy Water”, which was able to get the crowd pumped and helped carry the energy through the rest of the show. They then went into one of their classic songs “Meant to Live”.

Continuing on through the night they kept the hits rolling playing other fan favorites such as “The Sound” and “Where I Belong”. Throwing it back to 2003 when the album The Beautiful Letdown came out, the song “Twenty-Four” was played with Keith Tutt, a local cellist that the band brings out at nearly every show I’ve been to. They also played some of the newer songs like my favorite from the new album, “Live it Well”, and the lead single from Where The Light Shines Through, “Float”.

The night was finished off with “Dare You to Move”, a song which every Switchfoot fan knows every word to. Lead Singer Jon Foreman came out in the audience and sang, surrounded by everyone, making it an extra special end to the show. Confetti was shot out all over the crowd and the band all bowed together and exited the stage, bringing it to an end.

Switchfoot always puts on a great show, they manage to get all the hit songs into the setlist as well as the newest songs. The crowd is always awesome because everyone sings as loud as they can and knows the words to every song that is played. Foreman told the crowd that despite the situation in the country, music was something that everyone could use to forget the world and that’s exactly what happened at this show.

  1. Holy Water
  2. Meant To Live
  3. When We Come Alive
  4. Bull In A China Shop
  5. Where The Shines Through
  6. I Won’t Let You Go
  7. Love Alone Is Worth The Fight
  8. Twenty-Four
  9. If The House Burns Down Tonight
  10. The Sound (John M. Perkins’ Blues)
  11. Where I Belong
  12. Float
  13. Live It Well
  14. Dare You To Move

Post by Madeline Cronin

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