Photos / Review: “Messengers” Tour with August Burns Red in San Antonio

Who: “Messengers” Tour – August Burns Red, Protest the Hero, In Hearts Wake, ’68

Where: Alamo City Music Hall, San Antonio, Texas

When: January 30, 2017

The Messengers 10 Year Anniversary Tour was long anticipated and finally reached San Antonio on January 30. Fans showed up early to support other acts, which included ’68, In Hearts Wake, and Protest the Hero. You could definitely feel the excitement that was not being contained, and it was clearly going to be an action packed night.

Up first was rock duo ’68. Former frontman of The Chariot, Josh Scogin, was on vocals and guitar. The combination of he and drummer Michael McClellan set up a perfect opening for the night.  They may appear to have the simplicity of a duo, but they have all the energy of a five-piece band. Their set was filled with headbangs, guitar swings, and to top it all off, curtsies.

Performing next was Australian metalcore band, In Hearts Wake, complete with an inflatable crocodile joining them on stage. Later in their set, lead vocalist Jake Taylor went into the crowd and crocodile surfed for a bit. The band had synchronized jumps and overall seemed to be enjoying their time on stage just as much as the fans in the crowd were. They performed a majority of songs off their album, Earthwalker.

Next up was Canadian progressive metal band, Protest the Hero. Before starting their set, lead singer Rody Walker engaged in friendly banter with a crowd member who had asked why the band took so long to come back to Texas. He laughed it off and said they’ll try to come back more frequently. They played songs from a variety of their albums, including hits “Yellow Teeth” and “Sequoia Throne.” Guitarist Cam McLellan decided to get his head shaved mid-set, and didn’t let that stop him from playing. After they finished their set, the crowd clearly wanted more and started chanting “One more song!,” but it was time for the headliners to hit the stage.

This was it. The moment that so many dedicated fans (including myself) were waiting for. We would get the chance to hear Messengers live in its entirety. With a huge “August Burns Red” banner in the back, and the Messengers album artwork on drummer Matt Greiner’s kit, reality was setting in. ABR came out and the crowd went insane. Somehow, the crowd was able to stay alive and consistently brought out crowd surfers and mosh pits for the entire night. The lighting set up was killer, and also a photographer’s dream. After playing all 11 songs off Messengers, ABR decided to treat us and play a few more favorites off other albums. This included “Empire,” “Ghosts,” and “White Washed” to close this set.

This was a night that would combine old and new memories; many would say that Messengers was the album that really got them into August Burns Red, and now they listened to it all live. Their current lineup is even the same as it was 10 years ago. The tour overall was stacked with talent, and a crazy amount of vitality. There are a few remaining dates left, don’t miss out!

Post and photos by Megan Choi

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