Album Review: Code Orange’s “Forever” packs a punch


Formerly known as Code Orange Kids while the members were still in high school, Pittsburgh hardcore outfit Code Orange has come a long way. Since their sophomore release I Am King (2014), their intimidating aesthetic has only grown much stronger. What makes this outfit unique is that there is not one vocalist; guitarists Reba Meyers and Eric Baldrose trade off between high-pitched screams and guttural vocals as drummer Jami Morgan lends his fast paced hardcore vocals to the trio.

From the start of the album, Forever reels you in with a haunting intro to the title track and from that point on, it hits you with a breakneck pace and unrelenting instrumentals. Every track is distinct and builds up the anticipation that leads to a satisfying breakdown. Meyers’ alto also offsets the rest of the screams such as on the track “Bleeding in the Blur” showing the band’s variety in one album. Having previously worked with hardcore band Converge, it appears as though Code Orange has grown through this experience and it definitely shows. While each track is different, it is all well put together and flows smoothly. Even the tracks that are not completely beatdown and hardcore don’t seem out of place, such as the final track “dream2”. It fits well seeing as the first track blindsides the listener with in-your-face instrumentals. The final track is like a smooth slow burn that closes the album beautifully and effectively and leaves you wanting more.

All in all, Forever is a standout from their previous work and offers devastating breakdowns for hardcore lovers, but slows it down enough for someone casually getting into the scene. Fans of Cruel Hand, Turnstile, Harm’s Way and Trapped Under Ice would definitely be satisfied with the album. Likewise, even if you are a casual listener of hardcore, Forever is an album worth checking out. Code Orange has also kicked off their “Forever US Tour” with Disgrace, Youth Code and Gatecreeper as well and I have no doubt that they can bring their presence.

  1. Forever
  2. Kill the Creator
  3. Real
  4. Bleeding in the Blur
  5. The Mud
  6. The New Reality
  7. Spy
  8. Ugly
  9. No One Is Untouchable
  10. Hurt Goes On
  11. dream2

Post and interview by Kayla Rojas

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