Interview: Speaking with up and coming band Guytano


Concert Crap: Can you talk about a brief history of Guytano?

Isaac Hesse: I started playing in Guytano in 8th grade. My friendship with Grant began with an offer to join his band (know prior as “The Grizzly’s”). I accepted his offer and here we are today.

CC: What on earth does your band name mean and where did it come from?

IH: Guytano is Grant’s cousin’s name. The band isn’t actually named after him at all, which has been a common misconception lately. Guytano became our moniker after realizing its uniqueness.

CC: Being a band that is still very young, how do you juggle your school life and playing in a band?

IH: I use what little time management skills I possess to some avail. However, I have gotten better at juggling around school-work with college classes this past year. High school was a lot harder for me.

CC: Who are some of your inspirations?

IH: I definitely aspire to be a good live musician. Anyone can record an album in their basement if they have decent gear, but a band that plays well live separates them from the monkeys. That’s why I like Tame Impala a lot, as they’re very talented playing live.

CC: Was 2016 a success for you guys?

IH: We definitely broke some ice and worked hard, so I’d say we all felt pretty happy with how the year ended.

CC: What are you hoping to accomplish in 2017?

IH: Put some drum tracks into a second album and play a lot of music in front people.

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anyone else reading this interview?

IH: If you have a cool pair of Vans, I’ll probably point them out. It’s nothing personal, just a passion for the sneaker game.

All questions answered by drummer Isaac Hesse.

Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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