Interview: Faulkner gives an inside look into their band (Take 2)

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Concert Crap: Can you give me a brief history of your band? How did you start? Where did you get the band name?

Dimitri Farougias: We met in the LA rock scene in 2013. We were all working in different projects at the time but when we started putting songs together it felt great and it made perfect sense to keep going. There isn’t a definitive version of how the name came about…

CC: Who are your favorite bands?

DF: The Clash and Wu Tang Clan

CC: What would your dream tour lineup be, FAULKNER included?

DF: It actually came together at Riot Fest when we shared the bill with Iggy Pop, Run DMC, The Pixies and The Prodigy.

CC: From reading your bio, it sounds like Wu Tang and a lot of awesome producers influenced your EP Revanchist, how important do you think it is for bands to draw from others?

DF: It’s essential to the growth of any artist. We are always open to ideas and implementing the input of artists and producers we look up to.

CC: How did you come up with the name Revanchist for your EP?

DF: It stemmed from a whole lot of reading and being tied to the themes of retribution within our songs.

CC: Any tour dates on the horizon for you all?

DF: All upcoming tour dates will be listed on

CC: Being a “bi-coastal” band is pretty cool, do you find yourselves drawing upon the musical styles of each coast?

DF: Yeah we do. A blade made in the east and a handle made in the west.

All questions answered by Dimitri Farougias,

Post by Madeline Cronin

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