Interview: The Regrettes talk new music and life in a band


Concert Crap: Can you give a brief history of the band?

Lydia: We met at school of rock about three years ago and reconnected at the end of 2015. Now we’re here!

CC: What can you tell us about the new album?

Lydia: We’re so excited for people to hear so many different sides of our music. It’s a really honest album so I hope people connect with that.

CC: What would your dream tour lineup be like, your band included? 

Lydia: Us opening for either the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Courtney Barnett.

CC: Who are some musicians that you look up too? 

Lydia: Kate Nash, Karen O, and Alison Mosshart.

CC: What has it been like being able to tour with Kate Nash and Bleached at such a young age?

Lydia: We never toured with either just opened for them. Opening for both acts was wonderful and surreal.

CC: In your songs it seems like there’s a common theme of things that people go through everyday. Because of that to me your music is a lot more personable. Is that cool for you guys knowing that people can connect with your music so easily?

Lydia: Yes, that’s a huge aspect of writing for us. We want people to feel like our music in something to confide in.

CC: You guys definitely have some punky vibes going on in your music and there’s not as many female fronted punk/rock bands as there should be. Does knowing that drive you to work harder on your music? 

Lydia: Totally. We constantly have to work so hard to prove ourselves.

CC: Any funny tour stories?

Lydia: Sage got kicked out of Rite Aid for switching lipstick one time haha.

CC: Anything else people should know about The Regrettes?

Lydia: Be ready for 2017!

All questions answered by Lydia.

Post by Madeline Cronin

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