Best albums of 2016 – Part 6


Best Albums of 2016

Grouplove – Big Mess

Three years after their last album Spreading Rumors, lead singers Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi got married, had a baby, and produced their latest, Big Mess. Their sound spectrum reached everywhere across novelty synths, grungy beats, and pop tunes. New for the band was an electronic track, “Cannonball” which showcased guitarist Andrew Wessens’ voice.

The band may have ditched a bit of their folksy chorals and sounds but maintained their energy with just some updating and rejuvenation. As always, Hooper created the album artwork; a hand with six fingers, symbolizing the five band members and their newest addition, Hooper and Zucconi’s baby.

Glass Animals – How To Be a Human Being

Glass Animals are very sure of their individualistic sound. With their first album, ZABA, the background ambiance was very surreal. However, with this album the band brought forth those dreamlike sounds and made them the focal point of each track. Each sound and lyric delivered is tangible.

One of their standout tracks is “Mama’s Gun” which includes samples from The Carpenters “Mr. Guder”. The lyrics are heavily focused on mental illness.

The mood curated for this album is human emotion. As cliche as it sounds, it centers around love and drugs and is the best sounding manual on just how exactly one can be a human being.

The Growlers – City Club

From Orange County, California, The Growlers bring a very psychedelic rock sound with a surf vibe. It makes their newest album great background ambiance for a drive to the beach. It has a dark side but the mood is definitely a nighttime beach jam.

Some of their tracks I found myself playing on repeat are “City Club”, “Night Ride”, and “When You Were Made”. Check them out for a groovy trip back to the ‘60s.

Most Disappointing Album

Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

I am a huge TDCC fan, and was anticipating their new album for months. I wanted to love it but I found myself only listening to the album in its entirety a couple of times. I’m a huge fan of the funk they incorporated in a few of their songs like “Bad Decisions” and “Je Viens De La”.

While this album is not unpleasant to listen to, it’s not memorable either. Gameshow is the salad your friend brought to the party. You’re not particularly thrilled they brought it but you’re going to eat it because it’s in front of you.

Best From a New Artist

Maty Noyes – Noyes Complaint

You’d probably recognize her voice on songs like “Angel” by The Weeknd, “Drowning in Champagne” by Yellow Claw, and more recently from “Stay” by Kygo. But this year Maty Noyes finally released her own EP.

Her five song EP stays in character throughout its entirety. Noyes’ sultry voice is addictive and mesmerizing. She’s definitely an artist that will grow in popularity and I’m excited to see what she has in store for 2017.


I’m probably one of the few millennial girls who was not obsessed with the Jonas Brothers back in the day, but credit is due for Joe Jonas and his new band.

As a whole, their debut album is funky and a reflection of Earth, Wind & Fire. However, there are a few odes to Jonas’ boy band era which weakens the record.

Their energy is contagious and fans are taking to it; however, it will be interesting to see how long DNCE can keep up this new era of disco pop.

Post by Gigi Gradillas

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