Convictions on christian hardcore, tour life and more


Concert Crap: Have you always known that you wanted this to be a Christian band? If so, what led you to the hardcore direction?

Zach Schwochow: We knew when we started Convictions that we wanted it to be a Christian band. We also felt like we shouldn’t be preachy though, because we aren’t perfect people. That’s where the name came from. 🙂 We listen to and grew up listening to heavy music. There is so much raw emotion in it and I think we can capture that through the music and lyrics.

CC: Do you think that people feel differently when they discover that Convictions is Christian music?

ZS: Good question, I don’t think they necessarily do. We have many fans that aren’t Christian. I think it’s cool that different people can relate to our music regardless of their spiritual background or journey.

CC: Who was/ is your biggest influence?

ZS: Collectively, I’d say Underoath.

CC: What is the most memorable moment you’ve had on tour?

ZS: The most memorable moment on tour is probably when our van and trailer was stolen. Luckily, we’ve recovered and are stronger than ever since then.

CC: Who do you hope to tour with in the future?

ZS: I think we’d love to get on the road with our friends in Silent Planet or Fit for a King.

CC: If you could give advice to anyone starting a band, what would that advice be?

ZS: Don’t cut corners, especially on records and merch. Go all out.

CC: When can we expect to hear from you guys on tour again? (After your run with Hotel Books)

ZS: We are currently on tour with Everyone Dies in Utah. We will be on the road with Hawthorne Heights starting Oct 23rd thru Oct 29.

CC: Any last words to anyone reading this interview?

ZS:Keep up with us on the road:

Twitter & IG: convictionsrock

All questions answered by drummer Zach Schwochow.

Post and interview by Kayla Rojas

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