Aaron Gillespie lights up the Observatory


Most people know Aaron Gillespie as the drummer for scene titans Underoath. If you know anything about the way he plays drums, then you know that he is a great musician. On Tuesday, he played The Constellation Room in The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA, supporting his solo album Out of the Badlands, released in August. He was his own band during this show, armed with only a guitar, a bass drum and his voice. Brian Marquis and Vinnie Caruana opened the show. Ace Enders of The Early November closed out the show after Gillespie.

The album Out of the Badlands was unique because it mixed songs from Underoath, The Almost, covers, and original songs. Music can be used to recover mentally from really bad situations and that’s exactly what Gillespie did with this album. He unfortunately got divorced last year and as a result Out of the Badlands was born.

Gillespie’s performance consisted of 10 songs, beginning with “Reinventing Your Exit”, which we all know to be a classic Underoath song. Well, Gillespie took this song and re-worked it acoustically. He added in more vocal runs that had him holding out certain parts of the song and showing off the power of his voice. The crowd was singing along with Gillespie throughout this song and definitely enjoyed hearing a classic.

The most memorable moment of this show was his cover of “Where the Streets have No Name” originally by U2. They are a pretty important band throughout music history and covering them could be a challenge. Luckily, Aaron Gillespie covered the song so well that it measured up to the original. He changed it up again by adding vocal runs and tempo changes throughout. His voice was very raspy during the song as well.

Most people know what makes Gillespie so cool is that he can drum and sing at the same time. You may think that he sounds cool during Underoath shows, but you haven’t heard the true potential his voice has until you see him solo. Going into this show, I honestly didn’t know he could sing so well. He has an underrated, but incredibly powerful voice that stands above most singers.

The show was closed with “A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White”. Everyone was stoked to hear this song reimagined. The crowd sang throughout the whole song and loved every minute of it. There were even moments in this song where it was just Gillespie and the crowd singing without instruments. This show was great and if you ever have the chance to see Aaron solo don’t miss it.

  1. Reinventing Your Exit
  2. You don’t Love Me Anymore
  3. No I don’t
  4. Southern Weather
  5. Where the Streets Have No Name (U2 Cover)
  6. Say this Sooner
  7. Hand Grenade
  8. I can’t Make You Love Me
  9. The Fox
  10. A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White

Post and photo by Madeline Cronin

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