A DOSE of Trap Rock

Who: Dose

Where: Chain Reaction, Anaheim, California

When: October 8, 2016

Dose’s fan base is in full force at Chain Reaction. The Dose boys promised a show that would be remembered and that held true. Combining their old set list with their new set, it brought back familiar memories of their punk rock days, all while showcasing their new “trap rock” sound.

To really bring Dose of Adolescence back from the grave, the boys invited old guitarist Colin Andersen on stage to play the entire first half of their set. After lead singer Jimmy Ray Brown shared his inspiring story of overcoming the obstacles in his life they started their new set list.

As to our surprise, Dose brought a familiar friend on stage, Maxwell James, to sing their last single, “God Complex”, to wrap up the show. After the show the band hung around outside the venue to talk to fans and take pictures with everyone; if one thing rings true with them is that their fans are their family. Overall the boys brought incredible energy and such a positive message, as always. Dose is a must see band!

Review by Haley Knapp

Photos by Matthew Saunders (Shots By Matt)

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