Kenny Dubman speaks on new solo album “Reckless Abandon”


Concert Crap: What is Reckless Abandon to Kenny Dubman?

Kenny Dubman: Reckless Abandon is a re-birth for me. It represents a brand new chapter in my life; a re-start with any toxicity or stress. When I was finally able to put all of that behind me is when the song ideas started to come. This album is a return, after a very long side track, to what I do best, which is playing and creating music.

CC: What were some of your best moments when creating the release?

KD: The greatest high is when a song that I’m writing comes together; when it “clicks” and I know it’s a keeper. This doesn’t happen with all song ideas, believe me. If an idea clicks, I know right away, and I’ll end up recording it.

Another highlight was when we tracked the songs, and I got to hear them for the first time with drums, bass, and electric guitar. All the songs were written and arranged alone on an acoustic guitar, so when they came to life through the studio monitors, it was like Dr. Frankenstein was applying the current to his monster and watching it sit up for the first time!

CC: What is your favorite song from it and why?

KD: Hmmmmm, that’s a really tough question to answer;  they’re all my kids! But if pressed…currently it’s probably “Sunset Serenade”. I really like the rhythm pocket, especially the chorus. It really sounds very 70’s to me, my roots era. Eric T put down such a killer bass line and it really made the chorus for me.

I like the way the parts ended up flowing from one to the next, and the lyrical content is “super” dark…darkness in lyrics seems to be a natural direction for me, hahahaha….which is odd, because I’m a very positive, life-loving, happy ball buster. I take seize opportunity to make every gross or inappropriate joke that I can! But in songs, I seem to really enjoy telling a dark story. You won’t believe some of the ones on the next record.    

CC: Is it more difficult being a soloist or being a part of a full band? What are some advantages and disadvantages to both?

KD: Being a solo artist is new to me, but so far I totally love it. I never have to compromise a part for someone else’s taste or run anything by anyone for approval; I’m my own worst critic, and if something isn’t album-worthy, I’ll know it deep down. Working with another writer is cool and I’ll more than likely do it again, but for now, I’m loving going it alone.

The HUGE disadvantage is when it comes to gigging. With a band, everyone has a stake, and is fired up to play live when a recording is done. In my case, I’m assembling players that are hired to do a job that takes an enormous amount of preparation; these aren’t Ramones arrangements! We’re not 20 year old kids, and everyone I’ll be working with has jobs, kids, schedules. It’s not gonna be easy, but I’ll make it happen.  

CC: What has been the best thing to happen to you in 2016?

KD: Without a doubt, the release of Reckless Abandon. But it wasn’t just something that “happened”, I made it happen.


CC: What does the rest of 2016 have in store for Kenny Dubman?

KD: I continue to write new songs. I’m finally getting creative again after a long drought. I have enough songs now for album number two, but they were all part of the same writing streak that spawned Reckless Abandon. Now the next batch are starting to come out. I need to get the live band rehearsed and start playing this material live!

CC: Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anyone reading this interview?

KD: Don’t eat the brown acid! Hahah yes, if you’ve heard Reckless Abandon; if you bought it and you dig it, nothing in the world makes me happier than that! If you’re a fan of 70’s style hard rock and you HAVEN’T heard it, I highly recommend it! You can hear samples at and buy it there as well.

Also, if you like an artist, BUY their album. As in purchase. The cost is a micro fraction of what it costs them to make it, not to mention the hundreds of hours writing and recording it. Show your support for original artists that are busting their asses to put out music for us fans to enjoy. I’m a huge music fan, and when I hear a new artist that I dig, I go to their website and BUY the record.

It’s ridiculous what has become of the industry; it’s sad that no one buys music anymore. That’s bullshit, I buy music. I just ordered The Temperance Movement’s new record and will be pre-ordering the new Blackberry Smoke as well.

On a totally different note, be kind to each other, treat your fellow human beings the way you’d wanna be treated. There’s too many nasty assholes out there, so be caring, patient and empathetic. Hold the door open, smile at passers-by. Don’t honk at the old guy in front of you that doesn’t stomp on the accelerator the second the light turns green. Don’t be a douchebag to your server if your order isn’t exactly perfect. Make a difference and make the world a better place!

Post by Corey Kleinsasser

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