Getting to know Face Value

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Concert Crap: Who is Face Value?

Grayson Ross: That’s a good question. Face Value was founded by Alec Myers and Jeremiah Douglas back in 2013 with close friends Kyle and Garret (who both eventually left the band). Alec and Jeb later met Grayson and Parker Ross after a drunken party one winter night and they haven’t looked back ever since. Having been a 4-piece for almost 2 years, we are at the point where Alec wants to put down the axe so he can concentrate on those beautiful vocals during live shows. Possibly bringing in a 5th member?

CC: What are your thoughts on the pop punk scene today?

GR: I think it’s killer right now. There are so many ridiculously good pop punk bands killing it on Warped Tour, doing the DIY route, or making pretty good music in the process. There are different styles under the umbrella of pop punk which is also really cool to see and hear. The iconic pop punk bands like Blink, NFG, Yellowcard, Simple Plan, Sum 41, etc. are still out there doing their thing and the up and coming bands like Knuckle Puck, State Champs, Neck Deep, etc. are paving the way for this uprising of pop punk. It’s a great time to be a pop punk band with this sort-of revival we’re currently living in.

CC: Who are some of your inspirations?

GR: Well, I would say Blink (saw them live in Hershey, PA a few weeks ago), Yellowcard [RIP :'( ], GC, ATL, Sum 41, early FOB, basically the bands we grew up listening to. But nowadays there are many new bands like The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, State Champs that are basically our age but still our idols and people we look up to.  

CC: How is it growing your music in Baltimore? What are some advantages and disadvantages to the area with growing music?

GR: I would say Baltimore has a pretty thriving music scene in general. There are many different genres that people are into around here. The pop punk scene is on the upswing for sure. We’ve got killer bands like Chasing Morgan, Something More, and Over Andover, just to name a few. Pay to Play is always kind of a bummer for up and coming bands here but it’s the reality of music and money. They always have to go hand in hand one way or another, unfortunately. All in all, the Baltimore scene is booming and we are glad to be a part of it!

CC: What does the rest of 2016 hold for you guys?

GR: Well, right now we are concentrating on really building our fanbase, whether that be growing social media numbers, investing in new merchandise, connecting with contacts on various platforms, etc. Also, we are working on a split possibly with our friends in Unamused Dave from Peoria, Illinois. We’re also planning a trip to Boston, MA to meet with a potential business partner. And don’t forget, writing for our next album for early 2017. Oh, and trimming our toenails. Can’t forget about that.

CC: Anything else you’d like to say to your fans or anyone reading this interview?

GR: You can check us out on Facebook, Twitter/Insta (@wearefacevalue) and our music is all over iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, whatever you fancy these days. We released a music video for our single, “EFF Sharp”, so go give it a watch! Thanks for reading guys!

All questions answered by Grayson Ross.

Post and interview by Corey Kleinsasser

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