Collide’s first show is an unforgettable debut

Ambient hardcore band Collide had their first show on the 12th of August, alongside Quiet., Falling, SILA, and The Human Machine. The show took place at OC DIY’s venue in Lake Forest.

The stage inside, a converted recording studio, was visibly as new as the band itself, a simple space with dim, hazy lighting that fit the cozy, if not slightly, muggy feel of the room as people crowded in to watch the show begin. Much of the audience did not know exactly what to expect when the first note was struck, but it soon became clear that the band’s debut was not one to disappoint.

Collide managed to be all things upbeat yet hardcore, and overall one of the only heavy bands it seemed possible to dance to with passion without wanting to rip someone’s head off. This is the kind of music that can make you unsure if you want to cry, scream, dance, laugh, or smoke a cigarette and wallow in the corner; the only certainty being that you loved it.

No one was quite able to peg the band’s exact sound, the closest comparison being The Get Up Kids, or a combination of Underoath and Modest Mouse. No matter how hard it was to initially peg, within seconds of playing, Collide had its audience completely entranced in their music, small talk dwindling down to glazed smiles and crooked rows of torn up Vans tapping in rhythm to the beat.

The four band members were clearly just as immersed in the experience, the sweat flying from their faces the only telltale sign of the rigor of their performance. Although their set was merely a short few songs, it was enough to leave the crowd cheering, and as the band put down their instruments to be swarmed with eager congratulations and high-fives, it was evident to everyone in the room that this was a band that was without a doubt going places soon.

Collide is currently recording music, and plans on releasing an EP before their next show at the same location on Saturday, September 24.

Post by Chloe Brandon

All photos by Teri Gelbmann

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