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Concert Crap: What was it that first spurred your interest into creating the band?

Conor Hyde: The band was started up by myself because I had to be doing music as I’m useless at everything else! Starting this band is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and it’s so fulfilling. So to answer your question, starting the band was always the mission and it was the only thing I was capable of doing.

CC: What is the writing process like when you are writing a full-length album? 

CH: Well we haven’t written a full length album yet, but writing the last EP was a great process. A lot of the songs we write start off as ideas from individual members of the band, or one or two of us, and then those ideas are brought into the band room where we really work on them and make them into complete songs.

We gradually built up a set of songs over about three months and kept tweaking them and working on them after testing each song out live. It’s really great to see what kind of audience response you get playing a new song, as it helps you understand if it still needs work or not. Then we gradually, over time, came up with theme ideas for the EP, and decided what songs would work together best, and what songs would work better on another EP or as a single. We’re constantly writing, it’s one of the things we enjoy most!

CC: Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics and composition?

CH: Our vocalist Zach Silvers lyrics are determined on what’s currently accruing in and around his life. We’re extremely motivated and we like to consider ourselves as extremely hard working so we’re never short of inspiration as we all love the band so much.

CC: Where do you see yourselves in the future?

CH: Depends on how far in the future. We acknowledge to become an established band you need to stick at it for a long time so we see ourselves doing the underground gig scene for a while longer and that’s not a bad thought to be honest!

CC: Is there anyone in the music industry as of now that you would like to work with? Be it production, or musical collaborations?

CH: We’d love to tour and have feature in a track or two with the amazing Don Broco!

CC: Where do you hope to tour when the time comes? Would we see you at a future Warped Tour?

CH: Man… Getting onto Warped Tour is the dream! Fingers crossed! We’d love to do a big tour of Germany as we’ve only heard great things about the scene over there!

CC: Have you received any advice from someone already in the industry on working from the ground up?

CH: I’m glad to say I had the pleasure of meeting the recently deceased Tom Searle of Architects after one of their shows in London. We had a long chat about what it’s like just to be in a band then we got onto the nerdy topic of guitar! Love it…

He was a big deal to us as Oceans are also based out of Brighton and to see another Brighton band practically leading the metal scene is very encouraging to us.

CC: Any last words to fans or anyone reading this interview?

CH: YES! We’re honoured to say that we’re playing FORT FEST!!! This is amazing news to us and it’s worth checking the line up for Fort Fest if you haven’t yet! It will rock your socks off!

All questions answered by Conor Hyde.




Post and interview by Kayla Rojas

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