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Concert Crap: How excited are you guys to release the first full length?

Omer Leibovitz: We are very excited to share this album with the world!

CC: I know you (Omer) have roots in the Middle East and that this has an effect on the way you sing. When you started, were you always welcoming to it or did you have a specific style of singing that you wanted to go after?

OL: No, I never even thought about it. It mostly became apparent as my personal singing voice developed. I was probably modeling my singing, when I was younger, on favorite rock bands that I was listening too. The more my voice came into its own, there were apparent inflections that would just happen, and those seemed that they must have come from my early background.

CC: Regarding upcoming tour dates, I know the east coast gets a lot of you guys, but do you have any plans to come out west?

OL: We are definitely trying to work out a trip out west. As of now we aren’t sure when, but it’s in the works!

CC: While attending a music college, were your original aspirations to be in a band, or is there another aspect of the music industry that draws you in as well? (In other words, were you pursuing study in live music, or in the business side of things?)

OL: The main aspiration was always to play in a band and collaborate on writing original music. We also dabbled in other things I (Omer) Studied recording and still produce and record bands. Layton also studied teaching and Alex did study business as well.

CC: How cool is Chris “Frenchie” Smith?

OL: Way Cool!

CC: You’ve been compared to Kings of Leon and The Black Keys a couple of times. Would you agree with the comparisons? They’re both bands that can do so much with sound and based on this album, it sounds like you guys experiment with it as well.

OL: Sure, I can see these comparisons. When we were younger, those bands were influences of ours. It was never intentional or anything, we just make whatever music comes out. I do think that we bring other influences into the music which help put a personal spin on the sound.

CC: Everyone’s Ok. What was the thought process like when naming the album?

OL: The album name was meant to be both ironic and literal. A little bit of a joke. It’s been a tough year all around in this country. Politically things have been so crazy, internationally with the rise of some brutal attacks and wars that have been going on for so long. Everything just seems like it’s unraveling. Everyone’s Ok is sort of a joke towards how fucked everything feels, but at the same time it’s also a statement towards the average person. All of us who are trying to just live a normal life, removed from all the politics and violence. The idea that generally people are good, I think. Everyone’s Ok.

CC: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans or anyone that may be reading this interview?

OL: Nothing in particular, but thank you for the support. We’ve had so many great friends and supporters over the years. I think we’d all say that we are thankful for anyone that’s taking the time to listen to our hard work.

All questions answered by Omer Leibovitz (guitar and vocals).

Post and interview by Yesse Carillo

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