Modern Color talks working as an indie band, tours, and more

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Concert Crap: What other artists have influenced your sound?

Vince Nguyen: I feel like we find a lot of stuff that influences and inspires us, but lately we’ve been listening to a lot of bands like Deftones, Title Fight, BADBADNOTGOOD, Swervedriver, Slowdive, Deafheaven, and more recently this really rad band called Triathalon.

CC: Do you feel that melodic rock is overshadowed by other genres? Or is its popularity about the same?

VN: “Melodic rock” is a pretty encompassing term when it comes to describing a sound, I think it really just depends on what you’d put under that umbrella. When it comes to MC, I don’t think we’re a band that everyone is going to like right away, but given a chance, I think we have a little bit for everyone to appreciate. We play music that we would jam to ourselves, but hopefully people can relate.

CC: In the future, do you see yourselves as a more Warped Tour band? Or could you see yourselves at festivals like Coachella or even Life is Beautiful?

VN: As a band, I think we have the mentality and approach to have a shot at either or, but we’re also conscious about who actually listens to us. We’re down to play as many cool shows as we can honestly.

CC: Do you think the recording process changes once you are signed to a label as opposed as being an independent band/artist?

VN: It can really depend on who you’re working with and what kind of band you are, but in general more people are inherently involved when you get signed to a label.

CC: Is it different at all in regards to creativity, being independent artists? Meaning, do you feel as though this can change if signed or managed by someone else?

VN: Like the last question, I think it really depends on who you’re working with and what kind of band you are. In the ideal situation, you know what kind of band you are and you have management that is on the same page and the two of you can work together to bring out the best of your sound.

CC: Who could you see yourselves touring with in the future?

VN: A tour with Title Fight in the near future would be rad. We also have some friends in a band called Movements that we’ve been trying to work something out with! (*PAT, read this dude!*)

CC: How big is the fan’s role when you are an up and coming musician?

VN: As any kind of artist trying to rise up, you should respect the hell out of anyone who shows you support.

CC: Any last words to fans or anyone reading this interview?

VN: Our new album CHROMESTHESIA is out now through OPEN DOOR RECORDS, go jam it! If you dig it, please please please give it a share – we appreciate any help we can get spreading the word! Keep going to rad shows to support cool bands, keep following what you love, and keep being good to each other.

All questions answered by drummer Vince Nguyen from Modern Color.

Post and interview by Kayla Rojas

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