Trapdoor Social’s debut is the new summer favorite

Trapdoor Social - Self Titled

Every summer needs a summer song and Trapdoor Social have come around to provide us with that.

Aside from the fact that the first single is called “Sunshine”, the track makes you feel like you’ve lived in California your whole life, even if you’re listening from somewhere else.  This is the kind of track you listen to while on an Los Angeles beach and pin it in your memory as a little bottle of happiness and warmth. And it’s no surprise that the founding members are from Pomona, a remote city right outside of LA, where the sun never stops shining.

“Winning as Truth” is another bubbly and exciting track that’s definitely set out to be another summer hit. The song’s pop-indie style is certain to remind you of the same vibes that bands like Foster the People, Young the Giant, and Grouplove put out.

It’s also super cool that the band are all concerned with the future of our little planet and attend, as well as host, a lot of solar-powered events. I’m telling you, “Sunshine” everywhere!

The album is ready to be danced to and played on all of your summer days off.

Trapdoor Social self-titled debut was just released yesterday and they are currently on a stateside tour definitely coming to a venue near you.

Post by Yesse Carillo

What are your thoughts on Sunshine? Comment below.

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